Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the new big Mobile thing with Google.  Mobile is increasing in importance online and AMP pages are wicked fast. They are stripped down pages to their most basic and simplest form to improve the mobile browsing experience.

Google is rewarding companies that setup AMP pages in some surprising ways.

99%+ of businesses don’t have AMP pages.  Jump to the front of the line while you can!

If you think a significant portion of your market is using mobile devices to search, then submit a discovery form for a free SEO analysis and Recommendations.

Watch the video for more details:

Here’s what an AMP SEO page looks like:

AMP example page

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Approximate Transcript:

Hi, David Hood here. This video is about AMP SEO or accelerated mobile pages search engine optimization. Google recently started talking about this this year. It is May, 2016. Earlier this year they started talking about how these were important and how they were going to start doing some different things for websites that have accelerated mobile pages. What is an accelerated mobile page? It’s essentially a web page with all the fat cut out of it. Here’s an example of a page that I have. This is a normal page. Then here is the AMP version of it. It is streamlined and basically has little graphics. Some people’s AMP pages have almost no graphics and are even more streamlined than this. I’ve got all my pages and posts set up to be accelerated mobile pages. There are lots of benefits to that other than loading really fast. First of all, the amount of mobile users is growing.

Now we need to take a step back and define mobile. A lot of people, I think, define it differently. Some people use the operating system. An 11-inch iPad or big screen iPad technically is mobile to a lot of people while I think it’s not really desktop, but it’s also not really mobile either. Take these numbers with a grain of salt, but the main trend is true. The amount of mobile users is growing. Now a lot of this is developing countries where they don’t have the infrastructure to support the desktops as much, but even in the developed countries, mobile is growing. We have right here the percent of a share of traffic, you might not be able to see that, share of traffic, so 2009 it was really small. Now you can see it’s continuing to grow. Again, what are they defining as mobile? It really depends. Some people define it differently, but the general trend is true.

What are some of the benefits that Google is giving you? Now officially they say that they don’t give any ranking preference, but they are because now what you can do is there’s this little carousel. This is a snapshot of a phone in the search results. There’s a little lightning bolt with AMP, and there’s this carousel you can slide your finger through. You can jump the queue in the search results on mobile when you set up AMP pages. Now it’s not guaranteed obviously what Google does but also getting this little lightning bolt with AMP, that’s really great and can be extremely beneficial especially for markets that have more mobile searches. Even markets that don’t have a ton of mobile searches, it still could be important because mobile is becoming more important.

Here’s another example. You can see again the AMP is at the top. It’s the top of the searches. They put their ads. I guess there’s one result up here that might be an ad, but most of the carousels are at the top. This is extremely powerful, and so few people have it. Getting it ahead of your competitor, so that you can jump the line and get sometimes at the top with your accelerated mobile pages is extremely powerful and can be extremely valuable to your business. If you want to jump the queue and improve the mobile usage of your website, give me a call or shoot me an email, and we can talk about how I can help you set up AMP on your website. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching. Have a great day. Bye.

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