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Despite being a competitive market for SEO Services, I’ve had good success making Attorneys a lot of money by driving their target markets to their doors via Organic Traffic.

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Ranking in Google’s Maps listings (shown below in picture and in video) has become more important for lawyers.

Law Firm SEO

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Approximate Transcript:

Hi. David Hood here at the Dallas SEO Geek cam. This video is about Law Firm SEO. I have gotten quite a bit of good results from multiple law firms in big cities like Dallas. This is something that has provided a lot of value to multiple law firms that have been happy with the amount that’s coming back to them.

One thing to consider is that there’s lots of valuable long tails and these are often un-competitive, but still extremely valuable. They might not get searched the most, so it’s not like, “Personal injury lawyer, Dallas.” That’s still something that we can target, but that’s going to take longer. Then maybe, “Dog bite lawyer, Dallas.” Something like that is very specific. It’s sort of a problem and then maybe solution, queries if you want to think about where to start on how to find these valuable long tails. In order to really find them, you need someone who knows how to do that, SEO research to get a lot of that data. That’s what I can definitely do for you. If you need that, feel free to submit my discovery form. I’ll show you how to do that in just a minute.

I do want to emphasize patience. I have ranked a lawyer in Dallas in six weeks. It does happen. It can be fast. Now, there were several things working in is favor. He had a very high package and he was very responsive to my questions and things that I asked him to do to help move the project along. Google has made it take longer and law firm SEO tends to be more competitive and so it just takes a little longer for things to kick in. Sometimes, one action that I do today is going to take six months or longer for the full reasonable effects to kick in. Six months. If I’ve worked on a project for nine months, then I really only have the first three months of full value in there and if that isn’t necessarily true. I like to look at this as six to twelve months is the time range where we take your website and go from an unproductive practice asset to a productive practice asset that’s providing valuable leads to your business, quality leads to your business on a regular basis. They’re just incoming to you.

That can grown to substantially more in the future. There’s so much of a market for this. There’s a huge market here, which is why you’re probably getting calls from SEO companies all the time. That’s part of why it’s competitive, but I have ranked. I’ve definitely driven amount of traffic to generate the calls on lawyer websites that has made lawyers quite a bit of money.

Okay, another important thing is Maps SEO. I’m shooting this in March 31 of 2016. About a year ago, maybe nine months again, they changed from what they used to have a seven pack to what this is called, a three pack or some people call it snack pack. The changes were more than that. In this search phrase, “Bankruptcy lawyer Dallas,” actually they’ve added more ads. It looks a lot more like a mobile device even on the desktop. The Maps and the ads take up so much space that even if your number one [inaudible 00:03:22], if you’re nothing above that, you still have to page down once or twice just to get to that. The Maps are really the first listing in a lot of these searches.

You can see you have to have reviews. If you’ve got great reviews and you’re number one, even if you’re not number one, if you have terrible reviews … The reviews are important, so making sure you understand how to manage that and market that so that you get reviews is important and that’s something that I can definitely help you with.

Being able to rank in the Maps, it’s different than in the regular part of the algorithm. They’re connected, but there’s definitely some differences. A lot of people struggle with this because Google is fickle with it and they change a lot, but this is something that I’ve done well for quite a few clients. I can do it for you.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you, go to my website, submit a discovery form and get a free SEO analysis and recommendation. You go to and you click on, “Get free SEO analysis.” Thanks for watching and have a great day. Bye.

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