The Winning SEO Formula

Ranking your website well in the search engines requires different critical pieces of a formula to work.  Without 1 of these pieces you are not likely to rank no matter how good the other pieces are.

If you’re making bread and leave out the yeast, then what comes out is edible yet disgusting.

I’ve delved deep into thousands of SEO projects to evaluate what pieces make the successful have in common.  The unsuccessful Search Engine Optimization Services also share some common qualities.

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Winning SEO Formula

Approximate Transcript:

Hi, David over her at the Dallas SEO Geek, and this video is about the winning SEO formula. I’m taking advantage of this Charlie Sheen meme of winning. I try to give the analogy of building a house for doing an SEO project. You need need a certain formula. There’s certain things you can’t just build a roof and build lots and lots of roofs, and have a great house. You can’t just build plumbing, or you can’t build the house without the plumbing and the roof and expect it to still be livable.

Sometimes people come to me and they want to build only part of their SEO house. Sometimes you build just the roof and I guess that’s something. It’s better than standing out in the rain, but to really get the full value of all the individual pieces, you need to put together the most important pieces. Yes, your front door doesn’t have to work perfectly, but you have to have a front door, for example. A lot of this comes down to the common incorrect preconceptions.

People come into SEO and they think they know what’s going to be done or what needs to be done, or what is the most optimal to be done. They’re expecting that and then when the find out that’s not really what should be done, some people still try to stick to it and say “I just want this little piece.” “I just want you to build the back wall of my house.” Unfortunately, that can work for you, but usually that doesn’t give you a lot of results and it’s not going to really pay for itself.

One of the common misconceptions is that people think that all of SEO is on page SEO, and they think if they just build a bunch of pages on their side, or they build … They set their tags right, or their images and all that stuff, then they’re going to rank really well. This is perpetuated in a lot of places so I don’t blame people for having this misconception, but it’s just incorrect. If you are going after something extremely uncompetitive, and you do your on page really well, then yes, you can sometimes rank well.

It will usually take longer if it does happen, and sometimes you need a little bit of good fortune to help it happen as well. A close second to on page SEO, and they’re kind of intertwined because some people think of these two together, or separately as content marketing. People think “Okay, you build your content, they will come.” That’s sort of the Google mantra. You build great content, people naturally spread it around on the internet. There is some validity and truth to that. It’s a little but like saying you can walk from Los Angeles to New York. Yes, technically you can do that. You probably wouldn’t want to, and there are much more efficient and effective ways of getting you there.

Content marketing can be an important and valuable of an overall SEO plan, but some people think it’s just they do the basic, simple on page SEO, and then they just build great content and they will come. That is also no generally true. Again, you can be fortunate and it can work, and it usually works for bigger companies that have huge budgets that just hire tons of great aweosme writers to write for 2-3 years straight and then build up enough authority and popularity that works for them. Or they’ve already got some offline popularity, you know Coca-Cola blogging about stuff, they’ve already got a big brand and they’ve already got a lot of other popularity in other places in the world and online as well.

That’s not really a good case study for some plumber, or an electrician, or an accountant, or if you’re trying to sell something on your store online. It’s just not really a great plane for you. You probably don’t have the budget to pay for full-time writers to write constantly along with multiple social media managers, to constantly and full-time. 6 people or whatever to really push this whole plan.

These misconceptions are very hard to fight and a lot of people … It will do you the most interest for your SEO project to understand that there’s more to it than this. Now I’m gonna talk about that right now, and probably elude back to this a little bit more.

The starting necessary pieces. On page is important. Content is more of copyrighting, you don’t always have to spend a ton of time on it. You have the page that people are landing on and it’s interesting to them, and gets them to take action, which is what you want them to do. You’ve kinda won in that way, and great content can help you, but again, on page and despite the fact that this is simple and a lot of people fail at getting the full value here.

Then there’s off page SEO. This is so important. A lot of people don’t … They just want to ignore it. They just want to say “Okay, we’ll build the content and therefore people will come and link to us.” That’s what off-page is. Off-page is primarily about building links back to your site. Hoe popular is your site on the internet? How many reference your site on the internet? When you put the on-page and the off-page together, it creates a formula. It creates a winning puzzle, it’s like a chemical formula, and you put them together and it creates something new and powerful. Especially when you do the pieces right and in concert, okay?

You have two legs of the chair on the on-page with the basics and then the off-page are the other two legs. Can you sit in a two-legged chair? Yeah, you could probably balance it right and maybe under the right conditions you’d be fine, but it’s so much more effective to have all four legs, okay? This is unfortunate for a lot of people because they want to just do the on-page and say “Well let’s see how that goes.” Or that’s all I want to do, and sometimes that can work, but you really are missing a lot of pieces of the puzzle if you don’t do at least some off page SEO. Some link to link. You dramatically improve your chances.

That’s what I’m here to do. To maximize your chances of success of a project. Also, to speed up the time frame. I talked about content marketing, it takes several years usually to work, if it works at all. This can work must faster, for sure. Google has slowed things down in a little and a lot of ways, but at the same time, this is definitely going to dramatically improve the speed and the chances that you rank.

Now there’s another part of the winning formula. You can think of it as one piece or multiple pieces, and it spans not just on-page and off-page, but kind of all your online presence. It’s engagement, and I’ve talked about this before, but this is sort of … You do the on-page and off-page and people start arriving at your site from Google. You have to be able to engage them, and it your website is turning off the visitors very strongly, then you’re going to have trouble meeting your goal. It’s gonna be hard to stay at the top. Having an engaging site is very important.

It can even [trump 00:07:14]. Say your on-page and off-page is worse than someone, but you’re engagement is much better. You’re gonna eventually, likely rank above them. We take another step in that direction, and videos are a huge part of that, okay? Trying to make videos is very important for engagement. It’s the most engaging form of content. People can just push a button and be entertained, or be informed, and it’s a lower path of resistance. A path of less resistance for lack of a better term.

To put all the pieces together to make it to your goal, you can’t just … Let’s say he said “Well I’m gonna pack everything but my water. I’m not gonna do any water.” Well, that’s not going to work. You can have everything else just right, and everything perfectly, but you don’t have your water. Or let’s say he doesn’t bring his shoes at all. He goes barefoot. I guess it’s possible he could make it there, but it’s probably going to take him a lot longer, it’s going to be more painful. He’s gonna pay a much higher cost than he needed to.

If you have any more questions about the winning SEO formula, please feel free to contact me. If you’d like me to do a free analysis of your online SEO presence and put together a custom formula because you can kinda change the exact details of how you put these pieces together. For each business can be different, but the core overall, high level pieces are the same. Then I’ll take a look at it and I’ll tell you what I think, and yeah. Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, or go to my website and fill out my discover form.

Thanks for watching. Have a great day! Bye.

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