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Buying Dallas SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services can be risky.  You will spend a good amount of money and I’ve heard of a lot of cases where that money just went down the drain.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Look around my site and you’ll begin to understand how you can provide a highly positive Return On Investment (ROI) for your company through Internet Marketing.

I will explain to you SEO basics if you want. For me, this  actually makes you a better customer because you can understand the value I’m providing to your business. For others, it gives you protection against the BS that they will try to sell you as valuable, but, in the end, does not help your business.

Why Should You Buy Dallas SEO Services?

Dallas SEOSearch Engine Optimization can be a HUGE boon to your business.  It can drive a ton of customers to your door.  When done correctly, it is far less expensive than the easy options like paying for ads — online or offline.

SEO allows you to tap into a market out there that is already searching for your products and services.  We can see exactly what your market is searching for and how many times a month.  Then, once you get visitors to your site, we can track them in a much more detailed fashion than any other type of marketing.  We can study the path they take through their site in order to improve the effectiveness of your sales process.

Furthermore, search engine optimization is one of the critical pieces of an internet marketing puzzle allows you to tap into some extremely efficient marketing tools.  For example, email marketing can be completely automated and can give you amassive boost in your conversion rate of online and offline prospects.

Why Should You Hire Me To Help You With Your Internet Marketing?

First and foremost, I have Integrity.  I’m constantly trying to serve my customer better and I have turned away people from buying my search marketing services when I thought it wouldn’t be profitable for them.

I get stories of unethical internet marketers every stinking week.  Almost everyone I talk to tells me a story of how they got taken trying out SEO services.  Some businesses have multiple examples of being taken advantage of by multiple SEO companies!

My business philosophy does not involve taking as much money from you as possible as quickly as I can.  That is no way to build a long term business. We all know this, yet there are many out there not looking after their customers’ needs first.  This short-term philosophy is bad business.

Thinking about the long term interests of my customers is in my interests.  I always, always, always try to provide my customers with a really good ROI on the money they spend on me.  I’ve even taken a loss on a project just to ensure that my customer came out ahead.

Here’s two simple reasons exactly why it is in my interests to make you money:

  1. If I provide you with an excellent ROI, will you continue to buy the service that is providing you with the positive ROI?
  2. Will you listen to me when I recommend another service that I think will give you a positive ROI?

Second, along with providing services with integrity, I build a plan that is custom to your business needs.  SEO is not the first place to start for everyone.  Often times there are other pieces to the internet marketing puzzle that will provide a greater ROI.  Once you fix what needs fixing most first, then search engine optimization will become more valuable.

Even if organic search marketing is where your biggest gains are, then your plan needs to be customized to your online presence.  An SEO activity that works for one company may not work for another.  Each company and website has its own story to tell.  I can see the whole story and figure out the best path to set your website on.

SEO BooksThird, I spend 2-3 hours EVERY DAY researching, practicing, and otherwise learning more about SEO and Internet Marketing.  The market is changing so quickly, that anyone who doesn’t constantly study it will get left behind fast.  Most of what works today won’t work a few years from now.

There is so much to know about online marketing that someone who doesn’t constantly study can’t possibly know enough to truly know the best ways to help your business.

What Can You Expect From Search Engine Optimization?

Dallas is a big city and there are a LOT of people who will sell you SEO services.  Many of them won’t be able to help you.  More than 50% of businesses I talk to have a story of paying someone for Search Engine Optimization and not receiving results.  Sometimes they’re even locked into a contract!

I’ve seen other Search Engine Optimization companies provide fake results to their customers and take advantage of their ignorance.  In one example, a customer’s previous SEO company had given them a list of 600+ search phrases that they ranked on the 1st 2 pages for.  Great!  Right?  Nope.  Except all, but 11 of them were getting ZERO searches per month.  Who cares if you’re #1 for 1 MILLION search phrases if none of them are getting searched.  In the end, you get no business from that “SEO.”

Many of them know a little about Dallas Local SEO and they will be able to get you a little bit of results, but being on the 2nd page for a local business is usually the same as being on page 100 — it results in no additional business for YOU.

What you need is some one who can get you to the 1st page and in the top 3 or 5 to really get enough traffic to justify the cost of SEO services.  I will tell you if I don’t see enough search traffic in your market to justify the cost because, ultimately, getting a customer who realizes after 3-6 months that I’m providing him or her with no value does my business NO GOOD.

Is SEO All That I Need To Do?

What do you do with your visitors once you arrive?  You’ve only done 1 step of a 4 step process.  Yes, it is a very important step, but, again, it is only one piece of the online marketing puzzle.  By itself it can definitely make you a lot of money, but then there are systems you can put in place that are actually easier and less expensive, but that amplify the value of the search engine optimization traffic dramatically.

Let’s take it one step at a time and do what your business needs first and, once I’ve provided you with a positive ROI, we will talk about amplifying those results.

Come to the best.  Get the best service.  Get the best results.  Get the biggest ROI on your investments.

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