Updated — 11/15/2017 —

Hi, I’m David Hood. I have discovered a new technique to get verified Google My Business pages in any city you’d like. I’ve been beefing up my lead gen and local client sites like crazy lately. Fun times.

Are you looking to do or currently have local lead generation websites?  Would you like to have a Verified Google My Business (GMB) page in any city of your choosing?

Sample Lead Gen site (I have several more):

For example, I have a lead gen site that made an easy $650 in August of 2017 with a single verified GMB page, basic On Page SEO, and basic citation work — that’s it! In fact, the traffic was low because people were calling the GMB page phone number without visiting the website! That listing also still has zero reviews, so I’m sure I could have provided more leads if I’d actually put more than 10 minutes this year (Jan – Sep 2017) into that asset.

What about providing this as a service to your clients who don’t have offices in neighboring cities, but still want to rank there? I sell this to my clients for $875-$2,000 each. You can do the same — making a nice profit.

For example, I’ve got a local client that is paying me a lot of money every month and as a bonus I verified them in 3 extra cities in less about 2 weeks. Needless to say, they’re happy with me.

The fastest I’ve been able to get a listing verified is 4 days! Now, sometimes the process can take as long as 90 days, but in my experience, about half the time it will be verified in 15 days or less.

Each purchase comes with concise training on how to present Google with a single persona every time you edit your Google properties for one client/brand/lead gen website/etc. This helps your listing stick for the long term and allows for a smoother and more reliable verification process.

What you will need: a Google PVA (not a Russian bought one), phone number for the listing, URL, Business name, and a few more optional, but recommended, items.

Note: Currently not supporting cities with less than 100k population or cities outside of USA/Canada.

Please note: Paypal should take you to a payment success page immediately after payment is made, so wait for it. If it doesn’t, forward me your PayPal purchase email @ david@dallasseogeek.com

$350 GMB Verification Any City (only 9 available):