Google Maps SEO More Important for Local Businesses Than Ever

In 2015, Google significantly changed how they displayed their Maps search results.  This has had a huge impact on many local businesses.

There are only 3 spots available, yet the maps portion takes up about the same amount of space.   Before there were up to 7 spots.  So, if a business is #4 in the maps before they used to get valuable traffic and now they get virtually nothing but an almost there kind of feeling!

Also, Google has made the ads take up more spots at the top, so being #1 below the maps is far less valuable than it used to be.

This can be good news, however, for your business.  Watch the video below to learn more.

( — 05/19/2016 — Note: I found a major issue with the video and am currently build another one to replace it with shortly.  Thanks!)

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Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimization

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