Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Case Study

This was a project for a single lawyer on a small budget in a big, competitive city in the most competitive legal niche for SEO.  We were still able to get excellent results for him.

As of writing this, he hasn't paid me to work on his SEO in over 1 year (because he was getting as much business as he could handle) and he's actually ranking better than when he stopped paying me and he continues to get qualified client calls and emails regularly from the SEO.

One of the best aspects of working for a personal injury lawyer is that there are many low volume, yet highly targeted and valuable low competition search phrases to win -- even in a big city like Dallas!  For example, "dog bite lawyer [city]" doesn't get searched a lot, but ranking in the top 3 in your city for that search phrase will bring quality business to your doors regularly.  There are about 2 dozen more searches like that.  These search phrases are called "long-tail searches."

Dallas Business Lawyer Case Study

This project was for an aggressive law firm on a decent sized budget in a big, competitive city.  They started getting qualified calls within 45 days -- this is not guaranteed to happen!

Again, like personal injury lawyer there are many "long-tail searches" that are low volume, low competition, and valuable that we can rank faster for.

More Successful Legal Projects

We have done well in the tort law and family law legal niches as well.  So far, we have a 100% success rate in improving a law firm's SEO.

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