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Hi, David Hood here, at the Dallas SEO Geek, and in this video I want to talk about a major part of SEO search engine optimization enhance; off-site optimization. Basically, the main piece of that is linked. What kind of links are being built for you, how many, what’s the quality, what are the relevance. And I want to show you a little bit in detail and what I look at on seeing how competitive something is. So I searched Dallas Electrician.

SEO Tools

What I’m going to do is I used a tool that is…there’s a lot of tools out there that do this but this one is the best. It’s the closest. What Google and the other search engines sees the most.

Okay, so, what we have here is a…this is probably the primary number that you look at. This number and then this number. So, Domain Authority…32 is pretty high. It’s not incredibly high. This is an exponential scale. Even though it’s out of a hundred. So, like, if you’re 50. That means you’re probably about…ahead of 80 or 90 percent of websites.

So, it’s a lot. So, it’s really good. So, 30 percent, that’s probably better more than half of websites. Maybe somewhere in that area. And then you look at the Linking Root Domains. This is actually not as…this is actually more important than Total numbered Links, because you get a bunch of links for months, so I think it’s…you get diminishing terms pretty quickly on the value of those links.

And social media makes the difference. You want to level the social media. It doesn’t, like, help you a lot. It can help you but it’s a mixed bag. I usually don’t spend a lot of time going after it but it’s nice to get it a little bit for a little bit of effort into it and let it kind of run on its own. And so, what we have here is these are actually the links.

What is Anchor Text?

And so, let’s see, Dallas Electrical Contractors. So, what is anchor text? So this is the link. I click here. Dallas Electrical…okay. This is the anchor text. See how…pointing around the mouse, so the little hand covers up. And then the bottom, left of the screen, right here, you can see…if I scroll up, you can see it real close. So, that’s right there, below it. It shows the link. So, that’s the anchor text. The anchor text is actually pretty important. That’s why when I go here, I kind of look at the summarized version of anchor text.

Now, this is not a very natural-looking anchor text distribution and it’s not nearly as bad as a lot of people who are ranking look like a couple of years ago, so this is what clearly what they’re trying to rank for Dallas Electrical Contractors because that’s 34, 52, whichever way you want to look at it.52 the total…168 links. So, almost a third of their links are from the search phrase.

Well, I think that works now. I think down the line…rules are going to be able to sniff aside a little easier. It used to be, you could put your links a hundred…a thousand links as Dallas Electrical Contractors, you’d rank really well for that, because this anchor text kind of cancels out both for Dallas Electrical Contractors.

But Google realized what people were doing and they figured out an algorithmic way to find this so it just doesn’t work anymore for you to do all your links at one anchor text. If they mixed it up, then you have to make a natural link distribution. Well, it doesn’t look natural, it looks more natural than all of them but I think within a year to this kind of distribution is going to get penalized, or at least not completely removed maybe just dropped significantly.

Are We Doing SEO?

seoWhat you want is you want a lot of stuff like this like Arrow Electric branded links, you want lots of stuff just like generic website link or their URL. Those are really good links that need to be up here and mix up. Especially like…I’ve looked up a lot of link profiles and I can usually tell if they’re doing SEO.

The ones that aren’t, still have a lot of links. Usually, the branded and the URL are at the top, and so, that’s kind of what I try to do is make it so those are at the top. So, if Google manually looked at this, it’s obvious that we’re doing SEO, there’s a chance that they can be penalized.

So, what also, if I go in here…so like ‘fishbat’, that’s not a relevant site, it’s a valuable site, this link is valuable, but it’s not as good as another electrician site or an electrician organization, or something…if they’re going after Dallas, like a Dallas site, they’ll get a Dallas Organization that they donated to. ‘’, I mean, these links are still valuable because there’s a good amount of it but relevancy also makes a difference, and how valuable they are for you. So, these are some decent links.

There’s a lot of different kinds of low-quality links. I don’t think this site has them. Let’s look at more few more sites and not go too much into that one. Let’s try ‘Dallas lawyer’. What I’m looking for is the one…here we go.

Competitive SEO Terms

Like an actual domain, not like a sum page. It’s a lot of use to measure the value of it. So, this is not that high for something…ranking for something like Dallas lawyer. Normally, I expect it to be higher, but they do have ‘Dallas attorney’, which Google’s mine is the same thing as ‘Dallas lawyer’, so basically their domain is from the search phrases. Because this knows how they’re highlighting are ‘Dallas lawyers’, ‘Dallas’, they’re highlighting it, but here they have ‘Dallas Attorney’, they’re highlighting ‘attorney’.

So, I’d just do something like this. I think this guy has a lot more links. So, it’s a lot easier to rank from here, from your domain is the search phrase. Well, I’m actually surprised because it’s not a lot higher because usually…law SEOs are usually very competitive. But let’s look at these links.

So, ‘Dallas criminal attorney, ‘texas criminal lawyer’…so it’s clearly doing SEO. So, let’s look at the type of links: ‘directory links’. Those are not as quite good as the links that I saw on other sites, but they’re still okay links, there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re not spammy links. So, this guy’s doing okay. I’m actually surprised. Well, when you look at it, they’re down below these local business listings. So, technically they’re…1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12, so that’s not really great. They’re not probably not going to tell traffic. This is usually pretty competitive.

Yeah, this is a pretty high Domain Authority. Let’s see if they’re doing SEO…yeah, they’re definitely doing SEO. I mean, what are the chances that fifty different people are going to link to them? ‘a heating services same day whatever’. They’re not that bad of links because these are directory links, and I think this is like an organization. These are nice touch likes. Oh, it’s a…another directory link.

These are okay links and clearly, they work because were ranking with them. And that’s probably where a large percentage of their links…I’m going to pause it. I’m going to find someone who’s at the top with the exact match domain up here for competitive search phrases. Okay, here’s a really good example, I think. Because we’re going to be able to see the power of the extract match domain. That’s a really powerful website.

Anchor Text Distribution

anchor-textSo, here’s more like what you’d expect to on the top. I mean, they have, from an eyeball same point, their anchor text is clearly not naturally distributed, but they do have their domain in here a couple of times. That’s not bad. They’re doing a pretty good job distributing an anchor text, even though they have ‘auto accident attorney Dallas texas’, 70 times out of 500.

This is a decent mix. So, this is a highly competitive site. It would be hard to beat this site. So, that’s the main core of off-site SEO. It’s looking at these links, looking at the anchor text, looking at the authority of the site, and Linking Root Domains, and really thinking about is this natural.

If they have an unnatural one, they’re going to realize it at some point. What’s the anchor text right here…is what are you trying to rank for? So, why don’t we search for ‘Dallas injury attorney’. It’s also the ‘injury’ word that we search for. So, I mean, it’s in their domain. They don’t even have to build that because it’s part of their URL links direct to it.

So, anyway, if you have any questions, let me know. Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you understand a little bit more what your off page SEO looks like, and what you can do to improve it. What your competitors look like, so you can see what you need to do to start ranking. Thanks for watching.

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