How to Do .Edu Link Building

.edu link building is more of a professional-level SEO skill these days. Edu backlinks are one of the royal and high-value backlinks there are. These backlinks show value, trust, and sophisticated traffic that boosts up your website rankings. Many of the SEO experts are unfamiliar with the power of Edu link building. Before diving into the functionality of Edu backlinks, let’s seek what these backlinks are.

What is Edu Backlinking?

Edu backlinks are a link mentioned from a .edu domain or an educational website in general. This website may belong to a school, college, or other such academic institution. Edu backlinking has been the topic of heat among SEO enthusiasts for over a decade. Edu backlinks provide a sophisticated audience for your website and boost your website’s overall performance.

As educational websites are the most sophisticated ones, Google or other search engines trust these sites immensely in content and traffic. That’s why such websites are considered noble ones, and earning a backlink from such websites is no piece of cake.

Backlinking (like Guest Posting, Private Blog Networks, and Broken Link Building) is considered one of the most critical and complex aspects of modern-day SEO. This is not an official statement, but educational websites are usually regarded as authoritative by Google because such websites have been there for a long time and have quality connections on the web. Quality connections mean they have many trusted and quality sites linked to them.

So, getting a backlink from such websites is healthy for your website and also gives your website an authentic look in the eyes of Google and other search engines.  But definitely don’t ignore other types of links like Web 2.0’s.

Importance of Edu Backlinks

Edu backlinking is one of the most critical tools for modern-day SEO experts. Are Edu backlinks important? The sweet answer is: Yes, but since they are a compassionate side of SEO, no SEO expert puts pressure on this topic that much.

Educational websites are considered the most sophisticated websites available on the internet. The reason is that websites with Edu domains mainly belong to schools, colleges, and other well-reputed organizations. That’s why such websites can never upload any funky content and always respect the content guidelines given by Google or other search engines. Edu websites can be considered as suited businessmen in the world of websites. Moreover, Edu websites have more of an authoritative image in the eyes of search engines.

With such a reputed image in the web world, you can never casually obtain a backlink from Edu websites. You can’t purchase it; however, you have to earn it and show the organization that your website is worthy of such a reference. Organizations usually never risk granting backlinks to any funky websites as it can damage their digital reputation. But don’t you worry, even if your website doesn’t match the taste of the referred organization, you can earn Edu backlinks via several SEO techniques.

Edu backlinks is a way of telling Google that other renowned websites of the pool trust your website. As Google puts a lot of value on these educational domains, the more Edu links you have on your website, the higher your website will be trusted by Google. Gaining Google’s trust will boost your search engine rankings leading to better authority, authenticity, and traffic.

Edu backlinks are in high demand among SEO experts for one main reason, which is its power. Edu backlinking gives a powerful boost to your website if it’s not performing better or stuck at a place for a long time. The main reason is the relevant audience. As the traffic visiting educational websites is well-mannered and streamlined, the same effects can be seen on your website, too, once you earn the Edu backlink. Edu backlinking majorly helps in gaining a relevant audience for a specific niche.

Is Edu Backlinking Safe?

When should you opt for Edu backlinking for your website? This is one of the mainstream questions among rookie SEO professionals. Edu backlinking may look flashy and beneficial when you read about it, but you should know that it’s no piece of cake. Instead, Edu backlinks are one of the hardest and sensitive backlinks to obtain. As authentic organization representatives operate educational websites, Edu backlinks are not easily given out.  Furthermore, you can use PR’s to link to your edu links to boost their link power and trust even more.

So, your raising concern regarding Edu backlinking’s safety is entirely normal. It will be fair to say that Edu backlinking is safe to a large extent. However, there are some plot holes that you should be aware of. Here are the safety concerns for you to consider while doing Edu link building for your website.

·        Link Density

As much as Google respects the usage of Edu backlinks, using too many links in a short time may send an ambiguous signal to Google. If your website quickly gains a bunch of Edu backlinks in a short period, it could set off a spam alarm in Google’s algorithm. That’s why over usage of Edu backlinks can damage the overall performance of your website.

Google realizes that Edu backlinks are not earned quickly, so if you somehow start spamming Edu backlinks, Google or any other search engine will surely suspect that something wrong is going on, thus damaging your website’s reputation.

·        Keyword Stuffed Text

Keep in mind that the Edu backlink you put up on your website doesn’t have anchor text. Anchor text is a significant backlink component, so it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. If the anchor text is keyword dense, Edu backlink is expected to do more harm than good.

Getting Edu Links

Unfortunately, you can’t build Edu backlinks simply like other backlinks. It needs a lot of dedication, hard work, quality content, and involvement with an educational institution. Gaining an Edu backlink is not as easy as just snagging a link. The real problem is you can’t just work to get an Edu backlink. Such backlinks are initially a by-product of a long-time investment with reputed organizations. That’s why Edu link building is considered a unique skill in the first place.

Keep in mind that Edu link building is not just limited to links. It is your website’s affiliation with a reputed organization. Here are several ways to acquire Edu backlinks for your website.

Resource Pages

Resources pages are considered as a unique approach for Edu link building in the modern internet landscape. However, like every old-fashioned thing, resource pages can still be used for exceptional results. There are still websites present in the pool that offer pages dedicated to resource links.

To execute this, if you have a website related to business, you can do a Google search like below:

“ business inurl:resources”

This search will help you explore educational websites that list resources recommended links in the field of business. Now, you have the links, but you won’t be able to use them right away. Think it like this. Why would a university want to direct its audience to your website? The answer is: To add some helpful information or to clear out a point. So it would be best if you made sure that your website’s content level and format match that of their website.

Just like any other complex task, it can’t happen overnight. But, if you show dedication and keep on uploading sophisticated and consistent content related to an educational website, you will surely get noticed and earn an Edu backlink to boost your website’s performance.

Create a Scholarship

This method of performing Edu link building needs a little bit of investment from your side. Creating a scholarship is not only an effective way of attracting reputed organizations, but it also guarantees considerable traffic to your website even if you don’t end up earning an Edu backlink.

Hypothetically speaking, there’s a meager chance that your investment will be wasted anyhow. You can even start by creating a cheaper scholarship, for instance, 500 dollars. Please do not create a bogus scholarship as it will be identified quickly and can leave a permanent wrong impression that can’t be washed off.

The point is that almost all of the educational websites owned by universities and colleges put up relevant scholarships relevant to their courses. So what you do is use this to your advantage and win their trust. Later, you can constantly participate in any of their digital events advertising your website and a chance to earn educational backlinks.

Mention Edu Bloggers on Your Website

This technique is often considered a cheap and unethical way of performing Edu link building, but it works wonders in several cases. You need to write an exciting and engaging piece of content with maximum readability possible and mention Edu bloggers of the target website in your content.

For instance, if you need an Edu backlink of, you can write in your content that you read a well-composed article from <blogger name> on <website name>. Never copy their content but give an applaud to their content through posts on your website. This shows the authorities that you’re engaged with their web site’s content, thus granting you a good chance to earn Edu backlinks.

The secret ingredient of this technique is contacting the blogger as soon as you mention them in your article. You can contact them on any social media, informing them that you said their blog is in your piece of content. However, please don’t end up spamming their inbox as it will create a negative image in front of them.

EDU Backlink Building Conclusion

Edu link building can show exceptional results if appropriately executed with appropriate precautions. Being one of the most well-performing backlinks in several cases, Edu backlinks are not easy to earn. By following the techniques mentioned earlier, you can start Edu link building and see exceptional results quickly.