How to do Guest Posting for SEO

Is guest posting worth my time and effort?

There are multiple ways to enhance the traffic on your blog or website. While exploring these ideas, you must’ve stumbled upon the term guest blogging or guest posting, as it is still one of the best ways to improve the rankings and traffic for your website.

However, despite these links being valuable, just like scouring the internet for broken links, it is very time consuming just like getting edu links.  If you’re an SEO expert, then a faster, but more risky method is PBN link building or press release link building.

Here’s everything you need to know about the basics of guest posting, how you make it work for SEO, and what are the benefits:

What is Guest Posting in SEO?

Guest posting, in simple terms, refers to posting on someone else’s blog and getting a link back to your website in exchange for the free content.

Link building a key factor to enhance the SEO of your website. Securing a backlink is at the primary objective of guest posting (and all other types of link building like building links with web 2.0’s. Furthermore, guest posting provides a great opportunity to connect with the audience of the host website, thus giving more exposure to your own blog.

So, it’s simple. There’s a certain give and take involved, but you end up boosting the SEO of your blog via guest posting. Let’s dive into further details of how it benefits you.

How Does Guest Posting Benefit You as a Blogger?

  • As a guest blogger, you get a LOT in return. Your returns aren’t just limited to a couple of backlinks, but you’re actually addressing an entire community, essentially, the audience of that blog.
  • This in turn allows you to build an effective relationship with the audience over there and you might get some traffic over here to your blog or website. The rest remains up to the top-notch content of your website. It should be able to captivate the incoming traffic.
  • Guest posting offers an equally good connection with professional bloggers over the internet. It increases your visibility on social media and improves your overall exposure.
  • And of course, the direct contribution of guest posting to boost your SEO is undeniable. The link to your website can be placed anywhere, within the text, somewhere in the subheadings, in the form of hyperlinks, or even in the “about author” section.
  • Securing multiple backlinks eventually optimizes your blog and renders it ranked among the top ones on the search engine.

Guest Posting in SEO – How You Do It?

Writing a guest post requires a lot of essentials to be set beforehand. Let’s discuss each one of them step-by-step:

Find the Ideal Host Website

Well, it’s not that difficult to find a host website to write a guest post for. But what’s challenging is to discover the “top” website whose backlink would be worthy enough to rank your blog. A readily top-ranked website isn’t hard to find though. You just need to utilize your polished research skills.

A simpler way to find such host blogs is to play with the keywords. Write the word top before your targeted niche or category and acquire the list of the best ones. For instance, search

top real estate blog lists

top travel blog lists

top lifestyle blog lists

Explore the top-ranked blogs of the relevant niche. Not all blogs offer guest blogging so you might need to invest some time into finding your ideal host website. Put your communication skills to use and be the guest on their website.

Use Google’s Advanced Search Option

If you’re familiar with the methods to be more specific with your search on google, you might also want to utilize its advanced search option. If you’re a novice to the concept of google search strings, it’s pretty simple: Use quotation marks or inverted commas to search the exact terminology. The results would show the pages having the very phrase you searched for. For instance, you can write (in the search bar):

“Write for us” + health

“Write for us” food

“Guest blogging” fitness

“Guest posting” music

This tactic, combined with your skills of diving into the website, would make it somewhat easier for you to find the top host websites.

Connect with the Other Guest Bloggers

Your communication skills in this regard matter a lot. We all visit many, sometimes dozens of websites over google daily. Look out for guest bloggers over there and connect with them. Ask for some genuine host websites offering multiple backlinks as a return to a remarkable guest post.

Anchor Text Capacity and Placement

Before we conclude, there are certain things we do find crucial to mention in regards to the hyperlinks, anchor text, and their capacity & placement.

1.    Hyperlinks

Hyperlink refers to the backlink of your website or blog embedded within a word or term. Hyperlink eliminates the clutter of writing the entire URL in the article and allows you to uniformly place the desired link within the term

2.    Anchor Text

The clickable text that would allow readers to jump to your blog directly is termed anchor text. Or in simpler terms, the entire text embedded with a hyperlink is the anchor text. Let’s talk about its placement and capacity.

3.    Capacity & Placement

Well, there aren’t any defined parameters when it comes to placing the hyperlinks in the guest blogging. However;

  • It is prudent to sort out the capacity with the host blogger beforehand.
  • With the placement, be sure to add it where it ideally belongs and sits right with the context.
  • Your choice of words for anchor text matters a lot. Make sure that your anchor text necessarily contains the keywords to boost SEO and is appealing enough to entice the reader to click. You can also place it somewhere in the CTA statement or the “about author” section.
  • As for the capacity, add as many links as you want but refrain from overly stuffing it. Keep it natural and make sure every single hyperlink you add provides equal value to the reader.

Concluding Remarks

Guest posting has been around for so many years but still remains an effective way to widen your exposure.

Bearing that in mind, it’s time for you to storm into the world of guest blogging and enhance the SEO of your website.

Also keep in mind that many websites you don’t want a link from because it will not help you or it may even hurt you!

Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt this unless you experience analyzing and testing out what properties are good and what properties are bad in links…

…so contact me for a professional to do link building for you!