PBN Link Building

To understand how we can do PBN backlinking, we must first understand what a PBN means. A PBN or a private blog network is an SEO technique used to generate traffic for your website. A private blog network consists of a group of sites, all of which provide links and backlinks to a website so that the main blog or website can rank higher on a search engine. Backlinking ensures that the blog or the article comes out on top of the search engine and gets more traffic.

Why is it Done?

The primary reason is that the person who owns the network of websites has full control over the website, so they can place a link for maximum link power.  You can also get link juice from press releases written with SEO in mind.

It is especially true regarding dating websites, and people use this fast and cheap trick to get more traffic on their websites.

Today, there are more than 1500 websites and apps that provide online dating platforms, and therefore there is no option but to use these sorts of techniques.

However, Google is…shall we say, not a fan of PBNs.  This is unlike, guest posting, broken link building, .edu link building, and some other types of links that are generally considered “white hat,” but that can still hurt your website if done incorrectly…

You definitely don’t want to make PBN links the first links to a new website.  I like starting with branded Web 2.0 links.

Further complicating the situation, it is easy to do PBN’s incorrectly, so Google spots it and either ignores it or actually penalizes your website, so this definitely falls under “advanced SEO” that someone who is not an SEO professional should not attempt!

How Does a Private Blog Network Work?

A private blog network works primarily by purchasing expired domain names already established and having high domain authority. Once these websites are bought, the person feels these websites with content and links that you want to be ranked top in Google’s search list.

Therefore, it will improve your keyword search terms and improve your primary website’s domain authority and search engine optimized ranking.

However, according to Google policies, this is a way to get traffic by fake means and is considered wrong because you are buying domain sites and using them to create a fake through which google will show your website at the top.

Pros of Private Blog Networks

  • The first and the most important advantage of using a private block network is improving your search engine optimization, which means that your website will come up the most when a specific keyword is typed.
  • Your website will be ranked top on the Google page, and as a result, you will get more traffic and more viewers to your blog.
  • You can use the backlinks you once used by buying different domains and then use them again in the future for further projects because you can always change up the content with gnu links on that website to gain more traffic for your main blog website.
  • Another advantage of using backlinks is that your website will get an edge over your competitors. Therefore, you will rank your website above them on Google, primarily if they use keywords for that purpose.
  • You can also earn a lot of money by using these private blog networks if you monetize them for other people as well. For example, since they also want their website or blog to be ranked top in the Google search list, they can use your backlinks for that purpose.

Cons of Using Private Blog Networks

Private Blog networks have an advantage and can be considered a shortcut to gaining more traffic and viewership on your blogs; however, they have disadvantages and cons.

  • Setting up a private blog network can cost you a lot of money. In that process, you will need to buy several high-quality domains so that you can develop your backlink channels by filling up those websites with content containing links to your primary blog.
  • A private blog network needs to be maintained at all times, and you have to monitor them as well. You will have to maintain and update all of your websites to work and perform efficiently. It can sometimes be highly time-consuming and depending on the size of the network you are using, you may need to hire a person or a whole team just for this purpose.
  • It is a primary problem due to which many people try not to use private blog networks because a single error can close the network. All of these networks are connected and joined together. One mistake can cause a problem in every web that you are using to backlink your website or blog.
  • Google penalties can also create a difficult place for a person because they will completely shut down the whole network that you are using for backlinking your main blog or website, no matter how large it may be. However, it will not shut down your main blog or website, but it will lose its ranking and the traffic that comes to it.

How to do Private Blog Network Backlinking?

Using a private block network is easy. All you have to do is buy a few domains that have expired and achieved high domain authority. The next thing you must do is fill that website with links to your original main website or blog. These multiple small websites will generate traffic for your blog and main website by increasing their rankings in Google’s search list as well as an improved search engine optimization.

Final Note

Google does not like PBNs because they try to game their system and can give mega SEO boosts!

However, it has its advantages, such as it can easily and quickly because your website is ranked and has improved SEO optimization.

However, it does have its cons as well and should not be attempted by amateurs doing SEO.