Web 2.0 Link Building

Web 2.0 Link building — Is it still worth it?

Websites are a good way of sharing some valuable content, getting your business known, posting your thoughts, or even generating some passive income. But no matter for what purpose you are using a web for it’s of no use if there is no audience to interact with. And for that to generate an audience we use SEO techniques to build some audience and generate some organic traffic.

SEO comprises different techniques that are used for your SEO game. Among a lot of techniques, one very famous technique back in the day was web 2.0 link building. In 2009 when this term was introduced people started using it more often. But as we know along with the use of a technique there is also an abuse attached to it. And that started to happen with this technique which destroyed the motive with which this technique was created. Due to this, web 2.0 link building technique was deemed unusable by google.

But even in 2021 or maybe in the coming future people are still using this link building technique and there are some cases when this technique was able to generate a good amount of traffic.  It is also a good idea to use other link building techniques like Guest Posting, Private Blog Network (PBN) link building, broken link building, etc to build a variety of types of links.

So Is the technique still usable or a good choice in the future? Let’s find out

Web 2.0. Things you need to know

You might have heard about web 2.0. Maybe not by its technical name but of course through other names like Blogger, WordPress the very famous among bloggers, Squidoo and Tumblr. Yes, these all are the Web 2.0 services that were created for users to build their free blogs, generate different types of content like social media posts, articles, videos, or images.

These were created in between 1990 to 2000 where the users can create accounts and manage their websites. And the good thing about these was that these websites were indexable by search engines. Means you can get a good amount of traffic from these.

Then another thing that was introduced at that time was web 2.0 link building. And boy this technique was a blast and an excellent technique for the SEO agencies to increase the traffic to their own or clients’ sites. And because Web 2.0 has a high Domain Authority of 80 plus these were a good source of creating backlinks and had the potential for generating a good amount of traffic to the target websites.

wordpress web 2.0

What is web 2.0 link building?

First, let’s have a little insight into link building. What is it and how does it work?

Link building means building hyperlinks for your blog or websites. There are two types of link building: Inbound links and Outbound links. Both are beneficial for your blogs or websites in terms of SEO and can generate a good amount of organic traffic.

The same goes with web 2.0 link building. You can create accounts on these free websites, generate content on them, interact with your audience and even post videos and images. After you have created a good amount of audience you can then create backlinks to your websites on these websites. And because these have high authority domains it means these can help you boost rankings.

This technique was very famous back in the days for SEO and the owners of the website used to use these websites to generate backlinks for your web. But then people started to abuse this technique and instead of caring about the quality of the content they started to spam the blog with the links. And soon it became an unusable technique for SEO.

But still, if you use this technique the right way you may still be able to increase the SERP of your sites. But most of the SEO experts don’t recommend it as it is quite a risky investment.

tumblr web 2.0

How can you get web 2.0 links for your websites?

Now that you know what backlinks are, how these are beneficial, and how web 2.0 backlinks can help you. Time to learn how you can build the links from web 2.0. Also, since you have full control of the website you can link to your other links like press releases. But do keep in mind that do not overuse and overstuff the links and keep it natural. If you are using these natural then we are sure you are going to get a good reach for your website:

Pick the web 2.0 website of your choice:

The first step in creating your web 2.0 blogs is to first pick up which site you want to go for. You will find several options in the market. Medium, Blogger, WordPress, or you can even choose social media platforms as they are also a form of web 2.0.

Create your free accounts:

A we already mentioned that these websites are free and you do not need to pay a dime when creating an account or blog. You can easily create your account with your email. If you are creating more than one account on these sites be sure that you are using a different email as Google will surely detect that you are using the same email. And besides, you will not be able to create more than one account from one email.

Start generating quality content:

Now is the time to create the content. Now it is the best practice if you write the content and publish it. But if you are on a time leash then you can outsource. But creating spun content of the content is not up to the mark then there is no way you are going to get good traffic. Moreover, be careful that the content you are publishing on this is relevant to your actual target website. Because of this, there is no way that your link is going to be indexed.

Start creating backlinks for your site:

Now when you feel like you have created a good amount of audience Is high time that you start creating backlinks to your money-making site. But be careful that you are not over-promoting your website as not only it will not generate any traffic but also will be detrimental for your website SEO.

blogger web 2.0

How web 2.0 link building can benefit you?

Now comes the main question that a lot of web owners might ask: how can Web 2.0 link building help us? Especially when this is considered a risky investment. Here’s how:

A safe Process

Now the excellent thing about link building with the help of web 2.0 is that it’s safe. As these are the websites that keep in mind all the rules that have been laid out by google you are safe from getting penalized. Google algorithms are quite wary about their rules and the SEO techniques that a web uses for generating traffic. Your smallest mistake or not following the rules can get penalized. But by using these websites you are more in a safe zone and there are fewer chances of you getting into problems.

A cost-effective Process

This is a very cost-effective process. As there are free resources and you do not need to spend any money this technique is really budget-friendly. And the best part is you get authority links and you can even do this by yourself. You do not need to hire anyone.

Can create multiple links on it

Another remarkable thing about web 2.0 link building is that you can create multiple links to websites. Or you can also link the pages of the same site to the other pages.

Can turn out to be a good option if used in the right way

Although it may be a gray hat technique and a lot of the experts consider it not a good choice, still if it is used the right way it can raise the SERP of your website. And you have full control over your backlinks.

Is web 2.0 link building still worth it?

Now the last question to answer is that is the web 2.0 links worth it especially in these years when everything is quite advanced. Over the years Google has also advanced a lot and their algorithm has become so smart that it carefully analyzes the website before ranking it.

Backlinking is surely a good SEO technique and creating backlinks from free sources like web 2.0 can turn out to be a good way. But until you are using it as it should be. Generating the links while keeping a balanced SEO strategy can increase your niche and website credibility. And you may be able to get good high authority links from sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and other sites like these.

So if you can create quality web 2.0 backlinks then you can surely get some great favors from these websites.

Final consideration

Backlinking is a very good technique especially if you can get yourself in the eyes of some of the big sites out there. But again, if you are on a tight budget then using the web 2.0 link building is not a bad choice to go with. Although it might be risky, if you keep the quality in mind instead of the quantity then you might be able to level up your SEO game.