Dallas SEO Services — What Needs To Get Done To Rank You Within The Search Engines

Which SEO Services give your company the best ROI?

There are two major categories or "buckets" of SEO services that effectively deal with the requirements for better online search performance and results: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Customized SEO Strategies that Fit Your Business

First and foremost, the set of Services that you use should be customized to your business. I've analyzed thousands of businesses for their SEO Opportunities. Each and every company has its own unique set of opportunities! This can be true for companies that are targeting the same exact markets.

Some companies are in a market where certain SEO techniques work really well, but then for the next company that comes to me those techniques will be worthless. This is really important to be able to identify up front or else both parties will be wasting their time and money.

Furthermore, most SEO Companies spend very little time on the beginning Research and Planning phase of SEO. As a result, they don't identify anywhere near all the opportunities that are best for the company they are servicing. This is actually a big competitive advantage that I have over my competitors: I do my homework thoroughly at the beginning to ensure that the long term plan captures all the best opportunities for my clients!

On Page SEO

Website design is not just about creating something visually appealing. While looking good is important, it is only a small piece of what it takes to make a website that ranks highly in Google and the other search engines.

The search engines know approximately how long your visitors stay on your site and what they do on your site. At the very least, they can tell if the visitor goes to your site and comes back and clicks on another result in 5 seconds. That's very bad because it shows that the visitor did not like what he or she found. However, if the searcher clicks on your site and never comes back to click on another link or spends 20+ minutes on your site, then that is very good because clearly what he or she found was of relevant interest to the search given to him or her. I have a page dedicated to what I call Engagement SEO.

This is a a huge piece of on page SEO going into the future. Make your visitors stay on your site a long time and you will go up in the rankings. At a minimum, the visitors Google sends you should stay more than a few seconds on your site.

The search engines are constantly looking for signals that show that visitors are finding what they want on a website. They are getting better at this over time.

On Page search engine optimization is also affected by what you tell the search engines -- such as content, format, titles, tags, keywords, links, images, videos, site structure, and more. They all play an important role in determining the ranking of a page.

On Page SEO services focus on individual web page elements -- making it both user-friendly and search-engine friendly.

On Page SEO Basics usually include titles, tags, headlines, and URLs ensuring that all these elements are suitably setup to match the market your business is targeting.

The good news is that good, solid On Page Optimization is simple. (More details on its simplicity in the top 3 video above)

Quality Content

Content quality is a direct measure of relevance and, therefore, engagement. A video by itself can count as quality content if the video is relevant and engaging to the visitors.

Content optimization covers any text present on the page. Keywords (AKA search phrases) are the main elements that link the site to the user's query. Quality content demands usage of appropriate keywords in the right numbers and right places to ensure a smooth flow of language throughout the page.

On Page Videos

Videos are highly engaging content Video SEOand therefore, increase your engagement factors (as discussed above).

Creating videos is a really great way to help your SEO because it can be used to improve your On Page SEO by improving your visitor experience and making them stay on your page longer and your Off Page SEO by building something that attracts links.

Despite being the best, most engaging form of content (in general), videos are actually very easy and inexpensive to make nowadays. So, don't be intimidated.

On Page Pictures

Images are another form of rich media and, therefore, can be very engaging.

However, these can be tricky because Google's Panda penalty algorithm can get grumpy if you use images wrong AND your engagement metrics are low.

Sites that make extensive use of images, or infographics are usually optimized with relevant keyword rich alternate texts for each image, so that the text adds value to the relevance and hence the rank. Use of alternate texts also ensures that the website shows relevant information on all devices -- irrespective of their capability to render images.

Proper Linking Structure

This is a HUGELY overlooked part of On Page SEO. It is incredibly powerful as well when done well.

Websites that are easily traversable enable users to smoothly browse through related content, without forcing them to look for appropriate links or menu options to navigate the site. The home page should contain links to each page of the site if your site is small.

If your site has a lot of pages, it should be setup with a multi-tier structure where most pages fit within 3-10 different sub categories of your site. This is very powerful if done correctly because it separates your site into closely relevant sections and gives all your pages a relevancy boost.

You always want to take care to use appropriate keywords in the anchor texts on your pages, BUT you don't want to "over optimize" this. For example, if you have a page about "coats for dogs," you don't want to point every link at it with the anchor text as "coats for dogs." Mix it up properly and you won't get penalized. Look up more info about Google's Panda algorithm to understand how this works.

Outgoing links also influence the rank of the page. Quality links that improve the user experience will help your visitor become more satisfied with his or her experience. Therefore, they will not go back to the search engines because they are getting the information they want or need.

Advanced On Page

These on-page services are beyond SEO basics. Using an intelligent mix of keywords based on semantic connectivity, provisions to capture website content generated by users, quality external referencing, and optimizing each and every block of content on the webpage are a few of the possible improvisations that will help you rank easier.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO revolves around how your site is referenced online. The main form of this is in the links that are pointing to your site.

No SEO Plan is whole without Off Page SEO. If you just do On Page SEO, you're sitting on a chair with 2 legs -- yeah, sometimes it will work, but you get exponentially better results by putting all the pieces together! How much more effective is a 4 legged chair than a 2 legged chair? Much more than twice as effective!

High Quality Links

High-quality links from well-ranked, relevant, authoritative websites will have a huge impact on your search engine rankings. Now, these are hard to come by, so even a few high-quality links can go a long way. However, I have some unique methods that I've seen few other search marketers use that makes getting a lot of these links much easier.


Natural Anchor Text Distribution

Post Google's Panda and Penguin, it is now important to have a natural anchor text distribution to avoid an over optimization penalty. Direct links to the URL, usage of brand names, partial keyword matches, interspersing keywords with relevant fillers ensure that website is not penalized for unnatural linking. Basically, if 100% of your site's links had the same anchor text, then you will get penalized. It is impossible that this link profile is natural and Google's algorithm (and to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo) can easily sniff this out.

Natural Link Building Timing

Organic link building, in reality, is not instant. It takes time even for well-ranked sites to be noticed and attract inbound links from other sites or user-generated references on other sites. Any quick surge in inbound links is always a concern, as it may work against the credibility of a website. It doesn't automatically hurt you because this can occur naturally. However, you usually don't want to do this -- especially with a new site.

Click on the link immediately above to see this new service that I've spent a long time developing and testing. Video SEO on YouTube is exciting stuff. The opportunity is amazing! Just watch the video to learn why Video Marketing is amazing!

SEO Trade Secrets

About a year ago when I was networking, I ran into an SEO consultant and he said something to me that has stuck with me for a long time. He said, "We [SEO Consultants] are a dime a dozen." I thought, "Well, YOU might be a dime a dozen, but I'm definitely not!" I've come to realize how true that is after hearing all the horror stories from my clients about their previous experiences with SEO services in Dallas area.

One of my fundamental business principles is to constantly strive to improve my level of service to my clients. This is not a common mindset -- I promise you. And it is oh, so critical for mastering Search Engine Optimization over a long period of time.

I know that I do things different than most others out there and I know I can provide my customers with results. Therefore, I cannot reveal on this page everything that I do to help my clients rank well and make money. Most of my "competitors" don't know what they don't know and I'd like to keep it that way! Contact me if you'd like to know more.

How much does SEO cost?

That is a bit like asking, "how much does a car cost?" You can buy a cheap clunker if that suits your needs or you can buy a Lamborghini if that's what you want -- it all depends on your wants and needs. The same is true for your Internet Marketing. Different companies can have very different needs. Fill out my discovery form and I will give you a free online presence analysis telling you where you biggest opportunities lie and where you should start.

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