Ways Accelerated Mobile Pages Affects SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages or (AMP) is something that completely changed the way pages are loaded on mobile devices. AMP was launched because of the popularity of using mobile devices to browse the web. The traditional browsing experience was extremely sluggish and slow with websites being loaded down with unnecessary things.

While these websites still loaded fast on more powerful desktops and laptops, they struggle with less powerful mobile processors and graphics. By trimming these sites of the unnecessary bloat, the sites can be sped up and load quicker. This all leads to providing a better mobile user experience. Below, we will be going over some of the advantages of AMP and how it can impact SEO.

Advantages Of AMP:

Better Loading Times

One of the things that AMP can do for your site is to speed it up considerably. This is a major factor that must be considered because the speed and loading time of your site will directly impact your overall ranking potential. The faster your site can load, the better your site is going to rank. Google and other search engines want to prioritize the end-user experience. They know that their users don't want to wait around for a poorly optimized site to load. Instead, they want a site that is well optimized for mobile devices.

advantages of AMP
advantages of AMP

Better Visibility

When you search for something using a mobile device, websites that are in Google's AMP project are going to get priority. This means that your website is going to not only load much quicker, but will also get a boost in rankings. When your website is a part of Google's AMP project, it means that your website is cached on Google's servers. Rather than loading the site from different resources, AMP creates a unique and basic version of the page that is optimized. You will know that you are going to an AMP site because it will feature a lightning bolt icon next to it. This can further boost visibility because non-AMP sites won't have this.

Top Stories

Without an AMP site, you will not be able to get your site listed on the top stories carousel that Google has listed at the top of a lot of search results. This is where you want your website to be for maximum exposure and clicks. If you're able to get your site listed towards the top where the Top Stories go, your site is going to get a lot more traffic by default. Unfortunately, you cannot be listed on this if you aren't in the AMP program. Therefore, you will be forgoing the opportunity to get additional traffic through the search engines if you don't have your site listed with Google's AMP program.

advantages of AMP

As you can see, there is a lot that must be considered when it comes to the AMP project. While it can add a burden on a developer or website creator, it comes with plenty of advantages that make it a must for those looking to boost their organic traffic. Google is urging websites to go to a mobile-first design and layout philosophy. Because of this, AMP is a good thing because it forces you to get your site performing as well as possible across all mobile devices.

While it's not going to boost your rankings to page one if the rest of your site isn't properly optimized, it certainly won't hurt your rankings.

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