Lawyer SEO Keywords

What Searches Are Google Users Looking for Legal Services Putting into the Search Engine?

Fortunately for lawyers, there are a lot of different searches their potential clients are putting into the search engines.  As a result, there are many different opportunities to rank for a law firm.

Even some of the biggest firms still have gaps & weaknesses in their rankings where smart attorneys can come in and capture targeted traffic.

Personal Injury Law SEO Keywords, for example, are many.  And there are loads sub-keywords that are relevant and long tail, but still valuable for getting excellent cases if you rank for them.

Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Business Law, and more all also have loads of keywords and, therefore, SEO opportunities.

How Can a Law Firm Discover Valuable Keywords?

There are a variety of ways to go about doing keyword research for your law firm.

There are SEO tools.  There’s Google itself.  There’s your own understanding of your market.  There’s your competition.

All of these avenues can be used.

I like using (an SEO tool) to pull what the competition is ranking for.

I also think it is useful to run a handful of your top searches manually and see what Google gives you.  Their “people also ask” and “related searches” sections can be insightful.

And, perhaps used least of all, your brain likely has some gold to be mined that your legal competitors, SEO tools, and even Google won’t give you.

How Can Your Firm Target Attorney Keywords?

First and foremost, by putting up a unique URL for each unique target search phrase.

The Title Tag & URL have a huge impact on what a page ranks for.  Therefore, you want a page for every unique keyword.

To be clear, “personal injury lawyer” and “personal injury attorney” are NOT unique keywords, but “personal injury lawyer” and “car accident lawyer” are unique keywords and should be targeted with unique pages.

Also, you should almost certainly do Maps SEO in combination with On Page as described above.

Furthermore, you can integrate your specific, “long tail,” keywords into your Off Page SEO (link building) efforts.

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