How Does SEO Differ for Different Legal Specialties?

Legal SEO — Broadly Speaking

What works for getting one type of case may not work at all for getting another type of case…

Let’s say you want to get more trucking or car accident cases.  Ranking well in Google Maps is likely to be the biggest, most profitable trophy for your firm.

On the other hand, an immigration lawyer, may want to target people all over the world and so Maps, if important, certainly doesn’t represent the whole of the SEO opportunity for attracting good legal clients.

Additionally, for some specialties, SEO may actually not be a fit.  Facebook Ads, for example, might give a better ROI.

SEO Opportunities for Some Types of Cases

  • Personal Injury — Local SEO is king because that is where most of the traffic goes for most types
    • There are some non-local injury types of cases — like Mesothelioma Law SEO is national
  • Family Law — Local SEO is also very important, but there are definitely some opportunities to expand cases in other areas than where your firm is located
  • Criminal Law — Mostly Local as well.  Speeding tickets, murder, theft, etc are mostly prosecuted locally.
  • Immigration Law — Both Local & International.  Local is often the lower hanging fruit that you can rank for faster and get a lot of business from.  International is much more competitive, but has more upside.
  • Business Law — Local, Statewide, and/or National.  A lot of Local SEO opportunities here.

Legal Specialties SEO Reference

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