Local SEO For Lawyers: Rank Your Law Firm in the VIP Line

Why is Local SEO important to Law Firms?

Local SEO has never been more important for law firms than it is today…

Over the last several years, Google has made Local Business Listings (AKA Google My Business pages or GMBs) more and more prominent in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for legal keywords.

The vast majority of search phrases an attorney would want to rank for have GMB listings at the top of the organic (non-paid) search results.

In other words, ranking in the non-maps organic results has never had less value.  Yes, it is helpful to rank “#1” in Google’s non-maps results, but, really, it is more like ranking #5…below colorful and highly engaging GMB listings

…where Google makes more money by users engaging with their local listings because they keep searchers on their platform longer and can serve up more ads.

And, this just in, Google likes making more money!

So, Google really likes that they’ve made the local search results the VIP line and this Maps listing prominence in search results situation is not going away.

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Therefore, if you’re doing Lawyer SEO, then Local SEO should be a major consideration.  It is critical for Personal Injury Lawyer SEO, for example, to focus on Maps SEO.  See also SEO for Criminal Defense Law Firms.

GMB Listings in Legal Keyword SERPs

Check this out:

Sample Google Search Engine Results Page for Local Search.

Look how much space the Google Maps Listings take up on the page!

…a searcher searching this would need to scroll down to see the “#1” non-maps organic result.

Furthermore, the GMB listings are more engaging because they are colorful, have star ratings, and are accompanied by an even more colorful map.

This is intentional as Google prefers users interacting with the Maps listings more than the non-maps below.

If a user clicks off their SERPs onto another website, Google loses the ability to monetize that visitor.

But, if I click on, for example Mullen & Mullen’s listing, check out what Google gives us:

local seo for lawyers more ads

…I’ve circled where they get more opportunities for the user to click on ads.

Local SEO Data

Furthermore, they get to gather more data on the searcher when the user stays on Google’s platforms longer.

And, gathering copious amounts of search data is crucial to Google’s long term viability as a company.

So, it is not just about making more money right now with a searcher, but it is also about them gathering more information to analyze us humans and how we behave, so they can figure out how to make more money in the long term.

More $$ + More Local Searcher Data Now = Google Happy With Local Search Results!

Local SEO Expert for Law Firms

I have a lot of experience with ranking GMB listings in Google Maps…getting lawyers into the VIP line on Google’s SERPs for most types of law firms.

In fact, other SEO Agencies in my industry come to me for training and support on ranking their clients in Local search.

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