Off Page SEO for Lawyers

Attorney Link Building for Off Page Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important factors for ranking a website or a Google Business Profile (GBP or formerly GMB) is the links pointing back to your website…and the links going to those links…and several other closely related factors.

The backlinks pointing back to your website have been a core SEO factor since Google first formed their algorithm.

You can’t ignore link building and you can’t focus too much on it.

Are Links Still an Important SEO Factor Today for Lawyers?

Yes, links are still a critical factor today.

Google’s algorithm looks at links pretty differently today vs 20 years ago, but these links still play a major ranking factor.

Don’t be fooled by any reports where link building is not important anymore…

…but, also, don’t fall in the trap of thinking that if you just slam a ton of links at your website, everything will go great.

How to Build Backlinks for Lawyers

Link building for law firms has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Lawyer negative SEO is a thing, for example. So, be aware of any sudden new influx of links to your website.

Your anchor text distribution matters.

There are many link vendors out there who seem to provide high quality links, but many of those links are not links you want.

Also, trying to build links yourself is ripe with pitfalls that you won’t know how to recognize without a lot of experience.

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