Local SEO for Plumbers

Maps SEO, AKA Local SEO, for plumbers is VERY important to their ability to attract plumbing customers via Google’s organic search results.

As you can see in the picture below, the ads come up first in Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages), but 80%-90% of searchers skip over these results instinctively.

Below the ads, in the first non-paid spots, are Google’s Map Pack listings (AKA GMB, Google My Business, Google Business Profile, & GBP).

These local business listings setup with Google’s Google Business Profile system soak up the VAST majority of the traffic nowadays.

Maps SEO for Plumbers

A searcher would need to scroll down pretty far on the page to even see the “#1” result as most rank trackers would tell you.

Really that #1 result is more like #7 because of the top 3 Google Maps listings showing up first in the SERPs.

So, the natural conclusion of this is that, if you are doing any SEO for your plumbing company, then you definitely want Local SEO to be a major focus of your SEO services!

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