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Example Of An Online Presence Analysis


Hello, I want to show you an example of an Online Presence Analysis that I can do for you for free. Based on what I’ll do is I’m doing an example of a Dallas plumber asking me to see what I can do and show them SEO on other internet marketing things that can do to grow their business online. My name is David Hood. I’m a Dallas SEO Geek, and before I show you that, I do want to say real quick that, I do have a different business philosophy than a lot of other internet marketing companies that I’ve seen out there.

I’m not out there to grab as much as it means possible. I’m out there to build long-term relationships. That’s how I really think, how to build businesses. That’s why I believe that educating my customers on what I’m doing, helps you become a better customer, but it also helps you understand and really think, “Okay, yeah, he is providing quality work” when there’s a lot of people out there, they don’t know or they pay a lot of money and they don’t get results and I’m kind of show you exactly so you’ll understand why you’ll get results and stuff like that.

But, I mean, I just think that during business with integrity like that it’s really how long term we both win. So, now, into the example. What I would do is I’ll look up…this is a search phrase and sometimes, you will do like…let’s say you want Dallas Fort Worth or suburb or Plano or something. Sometimes you kind of go to multiple cities but this is just an example. I’ll go with Dallas. This is the search phrase, and this is how many times per month that search phrase gets type exactly.

Pay Per Click Advertising

So, 1600 people typed—approximately 1600 people a month typed in the exact phrase ‘Dallas plumber’. Right here, this is pay-per-click advertising. So, if you’re going to bid…let’s say you’re going to bid in here, that’s how much you’d pay on an average $48.42. This is pretty expensive. $48 is on a very high end for pay per click, which usually means it’s very competitive. There are only a few different niches that I’ve seen…anything over 10, I think, is really expensive.

Usually, I don’t recommend to do pay per click unless there are some really good deals, because, over time, it’s the most expensive way, and Google has really increased the price for that over the last several years, and it’s only going to get more expensive. Also, once you stop putting money into it, the traffic can begin to disappear. I know there’s a lot of companies out there that are trying to sell this because Google is pushing it onto SEO people and internet marketing people and getting them certified and stuff like that.

If they say they’re that just means that they’re certified with Google’s services or just very easy to get. But anyway, this is very extensive but I don’t usually go after it but I like looking at it as a performance measure, or as a competition measure as well. I’m hiding two columns here because they are a few things I don’t want to show in this whole video. And I’ll you if you prefer me to do one for you. It’s a kind of a way to measure competition, also the opportunity as well.

Broad Searches

It’s an interesting thing that I put in myself that you won’t probably see other people do. So, what I have are all these keywords or search phrases, they’re searched by…the most searched per month. If I go here to the Pivot table, and again if there are multiple cities, this would make a little more sense. But there are 7,000 exact searches per month. And then there are ones that are called Broad Searches. So, about 30% of searches online are broad searches. They’re like long specific search phrases: ‘Dallas plumber’, or this and this and something.

So, that’s what is included in Broad, and there’s also a lot of search phrases that get searched not on a regular basis, but sometimes, like every other month they get searched, there’s a lot of those. So, those are included here as well. Usually, this is double the exact amount, which I’m surprised it came out this close this time. Usually, it doesn’t come out exactly that much. You can see that it has dropped a little bit: The Average Cost Per Click. Probably because as you get further down here, it gets less and not expensive because people aren’t competing for it as much.

You also have ones that are like…people don’t usually bid much on branded…this is a company baker’s brothers. What do I have over here…so, basically we’re taking broad traffic and I’ve discounted it by 20% because of some of these searches…there might be ‘Dallas home plumbing repair’, they’re not really interested in that. It’s usually about 80 percent-ish of those Broad Searches that are actually interested in that. And then what I do is I tick the Website Conversion Ratio.

So, let’s say 10% of people either call or fill up a form or something like that to do a conversion doesn’t necessarily mean that they turn it into a customer but it means the website has done its job. They’ve entered your sales funnel and you are able to contact them or they contact you directly and you can get their information. That’s the conversion. And then I have right here…and this is very ticked widely by company and by niche.

SEO, Is It Worth For Your Business?

25% close ratio so, I think when I get plumbing I usually don’t call more than four, five, so imagine that this is probably a pretty good close-ratio, a pretty average close ratio for a plumber, I don’t know. And then the Value of the Close. What I’m trying to do here is I’m trying to calculate the value of the track rate. There are some businesses, especially specialty restaurants; a lot of times…SEOs are just…it’s usually not worth it.

Even if you find someone who does it at a very low price because the amount of money that you make per customer is sometimes very low. That doesn’t mean that it’s not always worth it, there are times that it is worth it. But for a lot of—these little niches that you see here, low track report and or the amount of value they get from a single customer is very low.

It’s not really worth it, that’s why I always look at this, see, “Okay, what’s the value?” And this explains a little bit of why people are bidding so high because based upon this, so, if you’re going to rank first on average, you’ll get about…this is about 35% of the track. It’s roughly first that’s roughly what the first person gets. 35% of people that search will click on the first search result.

And that’s down 5180, but you take that and you put that in this calculation up here and that’s 40,000 a month, and the second, you get half, so that’s 20, 000 and then the third is a little more than half of second, and that would be about 11,000. And so, you can actually see, this distribution is exponential. This right here sums the 63%, so the most…two-thirds of the traffic gets into the top 3.

Money Zone

SEO Perfect CompanyThat’s what I kind of call the ‘Money Zone’ because once you get beyond here, the number of clicks you get drops really quickly. And unless that term gets searched a lot, it’s really not…I really don’t know when to get into the top 3. A lot of businesses are able to dominate and that’s usually what comes in between here, I would say, “Okay, I can of expect if we dominate we’re going to be, let’s say, more like 30,000 a month.” So that’s pretty valuable, right? So, this is just the keyword research.

This is the research that says, “Okay, what’s the opportunity?” Now, I do like to look at the competition and I’m going to show you what their competition should be like. So, when I search ‘Dallas plumbing’, here’s one of the first websites. I’m going to show you how I kind of analyze it. So, the first thing that I always look at is Air Conditioning. Okay, so, ‘Air conditioning Carrier, AC repair, Plumber, Plumbers…” is not great of a title. I think they really have a great domain, ‘’, but the fact that their title…usually the title makes a very big difference.

So, here’s another one: ‘Dallas Plumber”, they have it right there and…the number one search phrase. You see the number one search phrase is Dallas plumber. And they have it right there in their title. The title makes a big difference because you can only have one whole page title and then it has to be really short. So Google takes that highly into consideration into how…what you’re relevant to because Google really wants to give the most relevant results. Let’s look at someone else’s title: ‘Baker Brothers Plumbing – Dallas’.

Theirs isn’t as quite as good, but it’s still pretty good. They arranged for Dallas plumbing. And not as good for Dallas plumber, as you can see, that’s the title. So, there’s a lot more of what to do on your page: what text you have on here, your links, how people respond on your page. This is actually kind of an ugly page. It’s way too wide. For the modern page, it’s very busy. Although they have their phone number a hundred times, that’s good. They have their phone number several times. One second.

How Popular Are You

So, this is what I call on-page, looking at what’s going on on the page. And there’s more to it than this, but I’m just giving you the gist of it. This is the tool I use to basically estimate about how powerful that’s called off-page of a website is and that’s seeing…so Google measures how popular you are, basically, it’s like a popularity contest–how popular you are, how relevant you are, so it’s like a popularity contest. And that means how many people are pointing to you, so that means links to your site.

wwwSo, what I do is I go in here. Domain Authority 28 is actually not that high, especially like plumbers, it’s competitive. The other ones are actually higher. But I think it’s…they really have a good domain name, I think that makes a big difference. I think their domain is old so you can go to WhoIs. Yes, they have a really old domain. If you have this on your site, you can get 10 or 15 dollars a year. Your domain registrar can usually give you a…what’s called domain privacy, and it’s measurable, you can put there.

But anyway, so, 1999, that’s a really old domain. I mean, anything that is from the 90s is a really old name, and Google trusts old sites. A lot…most sites fail within a year, so brand news is going to be harder to rank than older sites, so that’s helping them. Okay, there’s something called ‘Anchor Text’. So, let me see…in this case the Anchor Text is the ‘Home’. In this case, the Anchor Text is air conditioning. So, the Anchor Text is the text that people click on. Any…it’s sort of a vote for that text.

It’s not exactly…that’s not exactly everything to it, the surrounding text matters, but the text that you are linking to, is very important. And you have to have a natural-looking Anchor Text distribution that also has the search phrase that you want to rank for. And I can usually tell pretty quickly what they’re doing, SEO. So, like Dallas Plumbing Company, which might be a branded Anchor Text, because their site is ‘Dallas plumbing’, their company might be called Dallas plumbing.

Are They Doing SEO?

Dallas AC Repair, they’re probably doing SEO, let’s see…I can actually go to this link…Dallas ac…it’s not even there. That link is probably not helping them anymore. These are blog comments, I think…Dallas ac repair. These are blog comments. These are sort of low-quality links. They’re not great. But they’re not too terrible, as long as you don’t overdo them. I think this is another blog comment. So, I think they’re doing SEOs. Someone doing this for them. I can…yes, Dallas ac repair.

Worst case scenario is you can go on here and you can put your own comment with your link. This is clearly…this is helping them. It matters, even though it’s…what’s called ‘no follow’, which means Google isn’t supposed to follow it but they still put a little bit of priority on it. I’ll close that out. So, Dallas plumbing…this is probably a blog comment as well…air conditioning Dallas…they’ve done a pretty good distribution here because what you need is you need a lot of these generic website links, your URL, just website, click here, stuff like that–you need that in there.

It used to be, you could put in a hundred Dallas ac repairs, and that’s it, and that’s it all your Anchor Texts when you did SEO, and Google will rank you really higher bid for that. But now they find that’s not natural, and they’ll penalize you for that. So you have to do a really good distribution, not only that works now, but that’ll work well into the future. I’m very conservative when it comes to this, I’ve spread out a lot of generic texts, like ‘Click Here, stuff like that, and your URL, there’s a lot of times when–URL.

Your brand, so if your company is called ‘Company X’, a lot of Anchor Text should say ‘Company X’, because that’s how people link a lot of times. So, here’s another page, we’ve looked at the title–they have a better title–it says, Start of with ‘Dallas Plumber’, so that’s really going to help them. Do they have…I’d like to search ‘Dallas plumber’. So, they have ‘Dallas plumber’ on here, on their site a few times, so, they have a lot of links of Dallas plumber. Back to the same page, that’s helping them…that counts, that counts for links.

What Is Your Domain Authority?

You go to their off-page, they got a lot of links. I usually look at this metric more. I should probably explain this a little bit. This is actually an exponential scale, so, what I mean by that is, if you have a Domain Authority of 50, that’s actually better than 50% of the sites out there. That’s better probably 80 to 90 percent because it’s an exponential scale. There are very few people that are…very few sites that are in the ninety to a hundred range. So, 41 is pretty high, so, I would count this as pretty competitive.

internetWell, I usually look at the link’s domain, not usually the links, a little bit of social…let’s check out their…okay, so, they’re clearly doing SEO…so this…what they have here might get them penalized sometime in the future because if I can tell this then at some point Google will be able to tell that they’re doing SEO because these are actual search phrases that…they’re top… links. Linked Anchor Texts are search phrases that people are actually typing, and they’re getting away with it right now, but…let’s see they have 3,390…almost…eighty to ninety percent of their links are with plumbing Dallas.

I’m surprised they’re not already penalized. These people are going to be penalized at some point, I think. Let’s see what type of links they have…they have a ton of links…it’s like a lot of them are directory links. I think they’re going to be penalized at some point, but we’ll see. But this isn’t the power to be competitive, this is why they’re competitive. Excuse me, my phone is ringing. Sorry about that. So, let’s look at the age of their domain. They have a pretty old domain–2005. That’s pretty old.

That’s going to help them a lot. Usually having a few years of age makes a big difference. Having a lot of age can make a lot of difference. Let’s look at one more site, so, their title is not that great–Baker Brothers plumbing and then they list the cities, at least they have the different search phrases…the different pieces of the phrase they want to rank for in there. They have ‘Dallas and ‘plumber’ a few words later. That’s probably helping them. ‘Dallas plumbing’…but they have plumbing in several places.

What a Natural Distribution Looks Like

So, their own page is okay. Their site is definitely a lot better than that first site. Let’s look at their links. So, not as many links. They have more social media. Let’s check out their Anchor Text. This doesn’t actually look like they’re doing SEO, because I don’t see any of the major search phrases. This is a very natural distribution. As you can see, ‘baker brothers plumbing’…branded anchor text…their URL, website, website link, maybe a few things…leak location.

So, this is what a natural distribution looks like, and this is kind of what you want to build, maybe with a little bit more of the target of the search phrases. If I can tell really easily, like on this one, they’re doing SEO, I can tell really easily. Google will be able to tell, and sometimes they do a manual review, I could see them doing a manual review. If they did a manual review of this site, they would penalize it. So, you don’t definitely want to do links like these. Okay, so, I do have a few…I do want to talk about a few examples of the SEO that’s done for some clients…

I don’t want to give out their information on a video, but basically what I…one example was there was someone who had a business that wasn’t showing up anywhere but then a few months I got him…got a lot of these major search phrases on the first or second page…and…it only increased from there. Over the course of…, this is just a recent example…over the course of three months, now his top search phrases are on number five for. And he’s already getting business from there. I’ve been also able to get some websites, like a brand new website, on the first or second page within a month.

That doesn’t always happen, but that sometimes happens. I do have my own site, that is very competitive and at the time of this video, I only started it about…let’s say less than three months ago…I only started running it less than three months ago. I’m already ranking pretty high for some really major terms like ‘Dallas SEO and some related terms to that. And obviously, that is, in my niche is really competitive, and I’m already ranking again on the first and second page of the search phrases.

Traffic to your websiteNot only that, once you get traffic, there are some really important things that you can do to increase the conversions on your site. So, there’s more…SEO is really only the beginning, I can help you with the next two steps, which are conversions–getting the people that are on your site to convert, by that, I mean, they’re making a phone call or doing other some form of way that they contact you.

And there’s also, I can help you with what’s called ‘sequencing’, there’s a very powerful tool that I use that makes it so the number of people that turn into conversion is much much more likely to become customers, so it helps you convert your customers. There are some methods there. So, if you’re interested in having me do something like this for you, I’ll also do kind of this on-page and off-page analysis for your own website.

Contact Me

Click on the link below, fill up like a contact form or you can call me at 469-438-8153 again my name is David Hood 469-438-8153 or you can just call me if you have any questions or just kind of want to feel me out for what I kind of Dallas SEO Services I can do for you. Especially I’d like to know what…I’d like to ask you what kind of what your target markets are, because if you just do, like, plumbing, well there’s a lot of different stuff there.

Especially lawyers, lawyers have so many different lawyers–divorce lawyers, TWR lawyers, there are injury lawyers, there are also different types of lawyers, so a lot of industries have that. So, if you have a specialty like that, you’re probably kind of want to call me, or when you contact me let me know that. Anyway, thanks for watching, and I hope you learn something. Thank you.

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