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Youtube Video SEO Marketing Online Services

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Hi, David Hood here! The Dallas SEO Geek.


Today I’m going to talk about something really exciting about video marketing. When I show the information, I’m going to show you to my clients and potential clients.

It pretty much always gets some really excited because there’s a big opportunity. It makes me excited for my clients to be at the office because very few people are doing it and the few people that are doing it, almost nobody is doing it really well. But not many people are hearing it. I’ll show you the numbers for that and it will kind of shock you a little bit.

Advantages of Youtube Videos

So, first of all, one of the biggest advantages of video is that Google wants a video on the first page so it’s YouTube. You put up Youtube videos. Google likes YouTube. I mean, they own YouTube. People like Youtube, so you’re just kind of already starting off ahead of the game video.

Second of all, if you look here if you just take a quick snapshot of what you’re seeing where your eyes are drawn to. It may be here or here. This is actually where your eyes are drawn to first and so Google knows that so that they like to put videos in this 3 or 4 spot, it’s a lot of times that it’s in the 1 or 2 spots. This is like being in the 3 spots, it draws a lot of the clicks that would normally go from the one and the two right to here.  So you get a really high click-through rate in this video.  So that’s another awesome thing about it. 

Ranking Videos

You can also rank them very quickly compared to a website. You have to take it easy on a website with a video. I can be a lot more aggressive with my SEO and there are other tactics I do that are outside of normal SEO tactics but the point is that sometimes I get it for a relatively uncompetitive term. I can get it on the first page in a very short period of time, much less than a website. So here’s one of my videos, not exactly a long one, something that gets searched a lot.

But this just generates about 5 or 6 calls a month.  This is on the first page for the search phrase in less than a day. This doesn’t always happen. Here’s another one, Emergency Electrician in Plano right here, and you still kind of see it above the folds that are nice, it’s just a little….. Clicks or at least people sometimes people will just call this number.

Keywords and Results

So I want to show you the opportunity and how crazy little people out there are doing this. There’s so much less competition. So search Google for “Dallas SEO Repair”. We have a hundred thousand results, alright. Now let’s go to Youtube. A hundred and sixteen results.  One thousand fewer results, not only that but there’s no video on the first page. I’m probably going to be making a video for this just because I know that people pay a lot for these per click here.

For some cities, I’ve seen like Plano Easy Repair. It’s up in the over a hundred which is crazy. I hate that they’re paying over a hundred dollars per click here.  That kind of surprised me. But I want to pick a rank, some kind at random. So let’s go to Yelp. I’m just going to pick something at random. Let’s go to Home Services. How about if we go “Dallas Lock Smith”.

I promise you, I’ve not looked this up, “Dallas Lock Smith.” A hundred and fourteen thousand results. There already is a video on the first page but that doesn’t mean that there is real competition. It’s almost two exact numbers, a hundred twenty-two compared to a hundred fourteen thousand. So again about a thousand times less.

Let’s find something else. Local services. Dallas Collision Repair, alright. The fact that people are bidding on it means some people are searching but probably not the best search phrase. It’s just kind of pulled inside of a hat.  Forty thousand results, two thousand. That’s not as good of a ratio. Wait, “No video results for Dallas Collision Repair.” So I got it wrong. Alright, so it’s zero. This is about “No video results for Dallas.” I think it’s the first time I’ve seen that, so basically infinity. Forty thousand divided by zero infinity. There you go, that’s the opportunity, very few people are doing it. There’s no video on the first page.

Finally …..

If this is what you want to go after, we can put a video here pretty quickly and you convert pretty well. People will call right from the video including your website if you want. Very few people in my industry are doing video SEO. Google owns Youtube. I mean there are so many reasons to do this. I can be a lot more aggressive with my SEO and not worrying about getting penalized and Google really just, since they own Youtube, there’s something about it. There’s a lot of extra trusts there. They want videos on the first page. They want them there. Call me and let’s put a video for you on the first page.  Thanks for watching.

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