Social Media Marketing for SEO

Are you or your team members spending time or resources on Social Media Marketing?

I guarantee you could be utilizing that time more effectively from an SEO standpoint.  I have yet to see a company that naturally uses their Social Media Marketing (SMM) to its maximum SEO potential.

Submit a discovery form for a free SEO analysis and Recommendations.  If you hire me to do your Off Page SEO, I will train you and your team how to tap into this massive untapped potential for free!


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Approximate Transcription:

Hello, David Hood here, the Dallas SEO geek. This video is about Social Media Management for SEO. There is a ton of untapped SEO value that a lot of companies are leaving on the table. They’re spending time, money, and energy doing social media management, and they’re not getting the SEO benefit they should. Despite the fact that doing the right behaviors, it doesn’t really take any extra time. It’s just a slightly different way of doing the social media managements. It’s intertwined in all of your social media activities.

All my customers get a Social Media Management for SEO Training and Documentation. If you’re already spending, if you’ve got a full time social media manager, then this is definitely going to benefit you greatly. In addition, there’s a bonus; I hired about 10 social media management experts. Took the best two that created how to engage potential customers on social media. That helps for social media, but also for SEO, as well.

Then, a separate training that I’ve created for your team, that you can share with every one on your team, about … Okay, your doing social media, how do you do this to where it gives you maximum SEO benefit. There’s so much juice, for a lack of a better term, that is being left on the table.

To give you a little bit of an idea, you should definitely be linking to your site from your social media accounts, and vice versa. The specifics of exactly how to do this, the exact guidelines, and how to maximize this benefit is, say, for my customers. If you would like a free analysis, and recommendations, especially if your spending a lot of money on social media management, then contact me today and I will give you a free SEO analysis. Go to and click on discover form, and fill that out. Within a few days, you’ll get an SEO analysis from me.

Thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day. Bye.

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