Yellow Pages Litter

Why does Yellow Pages create so much waste?!

Below is the offensive image — look away if you must!

yellow pages littering the hallway

If you spent money with Yellow Pages last year and got nothing, then contact me.

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Approximate Transcription:

Hello, David Hood here, the Dallas SEO Geek, and this video is about the trash that showed up on my front door of my office and many other peoples’ office recently, and this is a picture of it. It’s Yellow Pages and they’re basically putting trash here. The people inside are probably getting absolutely zero value of it. It’s such a huge waste of resources. It’s kind of annoying. Maybe the only people that get something out of it are people in the front or the back. Thanks, Jim Adler, for making me throw away a heavy piece of paper. There’s an elderly lady right here who lives right here, she’s got to bend over and pick that up. I’m surprised they can still get away with it. Maybe it used to be a public service back in the day, but it’s interesting to see how much things can change and how fast they can change for a whole industry due to technology.

It’s only becoming more and more true. If you don’t get your business online where most people are looking for products and services then you’re just missing out. If you’re going to depend upon an old piece of technology that people don’t use anymore, printing up a bunch of stuff, that is probably not going to work for you unless your market is very old in general and maybe they don’t use the internet quite as much as most of the rest of the population. However, it’s only going more and more towards people using their computers. It’s a tool and it’s a tool that is extremely powerful, especially for information. If you would like to get a free analysis from me on how to improve your website so you don’t have to use Yellow Pages, if you’re paying Yellow Pages anything then go to my website, submit a discovery form, and go from there. Thanks for watching and have a great day. Bye.

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